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We accept the studies dealing with genetic resources for food and agriculture (harvested crop varieties, livestock breeds, fish species and non domesticated (wild) resources, wild animals hunted for food and in aquatic ecosystems (e.g. wild fish), non-harvested species in production ecosystems that support food provision (eg. soil micro-biota, pollinators and other insects) and non-harvested species in the wider environment that support food production ecosystems.

Sustainable food production systems

Studies done on sustainable patterns of food production, respecting the carrying capacities of natural ecosystems are considered.

Postharvest and commercialization

Agrobiodiversity can provide income for farmers. “Conservation through use” concept enhances the use of neglected and underutilized species in order to create more demand for them and thus triggering more production of the resource. Studies carried out in value addition for better use and marketing of such products will be of interest.

Nutritional composition of crops and animals

Data of sufficient quality and quantity on food composition and food consumption for biodiverse foods are a prerequisite to incorporate food biodiversity aspects into different aspects of nutrition, health, agriculture or environment. Papers on composition analysis of food are welcome.

Food security

With increasing global food insecurity and continuing biodiversity decline, development of these fields should be synchronized. Papers on measuring food security and dietary diversity at household level are anticipated.  

Human nutrition and health

Biodiversity plays a key role in ensuring dietary adequacy, because nutrient contents between foods and among varieties/cultivars/breeds of the same food can differ dramatically. The studies on sustainable diets for improving nutrition and health especially of the rural and urban poor will be entertained.

Abstract submission

Abstracts are called from following disciplines:

Deadline for abstract submission: 15th November 2014

Notification for authors: 20th November 2014

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