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 Beach cleaning programme (20th September 2015)

Our contribution at the 30th international coastal cleanup along the Wennappuwa Beach Valley

International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is a global event initiated by Ocean Conservancy (OC) in 1986. Its aim is to engage citizens to remove trash and debris from beaches and waterways all around world, identify the sources of debris, and change the behavioral patterns that contribute to pollution. The International Coastal Cleanup is the world's largest volunteer effort for the oceans and waterways. In this year the Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) in Sri Lanka and the presidential secretariat have organized a national level beach cleaning programme, under the theme of "Sayura Rakimu Api Surekemu" (Save the Ocean for Our Protection), to commemorating the ICC day.

Volunteers in the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, like other concerned individuals around the world, contributed coastal clean-ups, to remove trash, raised awareness about the impact of marine trash, and motivated people to adopt sustainable practises in daily urban living. This programme was conducted by the guidance of the Vice Chancellor, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka; Prof. S.J.B.A. Jayasekara. An appreciated support was given by the Divisional Secretariat of Wennappuwa Division.

The programme was conducted from Wellamankara to Kadawatha of Nainamadama area. The beach valley was cleaned by the participation of Vice Chancellor of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, Dean, Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition, Academic staff members, Non academic staff members and the students of Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition and Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management. Altogether 198 students of first, second, third as well as fourth years were actively participated in the cleaning programme. Participants were provided with the bags to put the collected waste materials separately as decaying and non decaying materials. The beach valley was  polluted and imputed with number of wasted materials such as polythene bags, unused nets, clothes, tins, bottles, Styrofoam pieces, rubber pieces, coconut fronds, animal wastes and etc. While cleaning, one thing that understood was carelessness pollution and actions of a sole person have ultimately ended as the pollution and actions of a whole community. However at the end of the programme the beach valley was cleaned nicely and neatly.

The programme wasn't just limited to the cleaning programme. A inspiring message was given to the people about polluting the coastal area and its consequences through a street drama done by the students. Further, more information and messages on precautionary approaches in keeping the beach clean was communicated via leaflet prepared by the academic staff of Department of Aquaculture & Fisheries. That leaflet also distributed among the people. At the end of the programme a great service was done towards the coastal environment as well as the public was made aware to maintain the cleaned beach valley. It was a great opportunity and a reason to be proud of being a part of such a great programme conducted in celebration of ICC Day.



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