Section I - Agribusiness.

A Comparative Study of Non Traditional and Traditional

Adoption and Diffusion of Paddy Combine Harvester in Coastal Area of Ampara District

Adoption of Fairtrade Quality Standard in the Corporate Tea Sector

Adoption of Interpersonal Conflict Handling Styles in the Sri Lankan Plantation Sector

Alcohol Related Absenteeism and Reduced Productivity among the Tea Plantation Workers of Sri Lanka

An Economic Analysis on Social Networks and Ethnic Occupational Niches Case of Paddy Farming Sector in the Ampara District

Consumer Preferences for Socially Responsible

Determinants of Share Prices of Beverage and Food Sector in CSE

Economic Prospects of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) Cultivation in Kalpitiya Area

Economics of Privatization of Extension Services

Evaluation of Potentials and Constraints for Wood Apple (Limonia acidissima L.) Cultivation in Sri Lanka Using SpatioTemporal Data

Farmer Preferences for Cattle Traits and Adaptations to Climatic Change Assessing the Cattle Farming Systems in the

Farmers Perceptions and Willingness to Pay for Bio Liquid as a Growth Media for Hydroponic System in Sri Lanka

Female Worker Out-migration from the Plantation Sector of Sri Lanka

Impact Assessment of Scale of Operation and Soil Type on Profitability of Red Onion Cultivation in Jaffna District

Impact of Environmental Altruism on Adoption of

Impact of Samurdhi Microfinance Programme on Poverty Alleviation A Case Study of Paddy Farmers in the Ampara District

Impact of Samurdhi Poverty Alleviation Program on

Impact of Subsidy on Usage of Fertilizer in Paddy Cultivation

Inaccessibility to Finance as a Growth Constraint for Tea Smallholders in Sri Lanka

Motivating Tea Plantation Workforce through Application of Two Factor Theory

Problems Associated with Adoption of Recommended Agricultural Practices in Vegetable Cultivation in Ampara District in Sri Lanka

Recreational Use Value of Hurulu Forest Reserve in Sri Lanka

Role of Science & Technology on Socio-Economic Development of

The Big Five Personality Perspective on Conflict Management Styles in Sri Lankan Food Processing Sector


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